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Great beats & the right vibe equals a hit

If you don't wanna sound like everyone else, it starts with your beat Production. Programs that offer sounds, loops, prefab drums that's been used by other Artist Sessions Available to everyone doesn't offer you an Individual Sound Advantage or a Custom Beats.If you're trying to get your feet in the door or Kick the door end you need a beatbyboss .. you need custom beats that Fits your Personal Vibe and style. we offer real-life emotions on every single track we have 3 rooms Upbeat/happy Sad/Dark & Super Aggressive We Match or writers and producer to that room based on their mood on that day to Produce a real Life Spirit and feel ...we have producers who have work with Hip Hop Trap & Pop singers dating back 25 years . We have Young producers and writer that collaborate with our season musician/producers and writers to bring the energy and Presentation of Today's Hits while still always on the Cutting Edge of tomorrow. Our years of Experience means we have made the mistakes so you don't have too... From Producers/ Writer / Artist / in the 90s to currently signed. Boss Smit Production manager was signed to SOLAR records as an Artist? writer and producers at age 19 in 1992. Solar records are famously known for Hit artist Such as Baby Face. SOS, Band, Shalimar, and the DEEP cover soundtrack 187 launched the Career of Snoop Dogg ..DR Dre first Major project apart from NWA. in 1992.

Boss Smit formally known as Boss of Rap Duo Bossman & da Bandit First Release Off the SOLAR Record Label in 1993 Album Titled 16 Keys was one of the First Major Gangster Rap Albums and the Start of the Gangster Rap Movement .. 16 keys by Bossman & da Bandit is still Selling today online. Boss Smit Wisdom helps Oversee our Current Producers? Writers / Musicians. Our Beliefs and Principles are Simple. The Only thing that changes in Music is the Presentation. A G chord is Always going to be a G the only thing changes is how it's serve it up .. The Stove Stay Hot in the Kitchens of Burn Unit Productions!!

Hip Hop Beats

We take hip Hop Serious
We feel hip-hop music is the heartbeat of Urban music and the Pulse of Black culture.
We make Hip-hop Beats that continue the Foward movement of Hip-hop. Our Production team has the Hip Hop Wisdom.having been around into music when it took the Hoods, Streets, and Projects by storm; A lot of study of Hip Hop song under the teams Belt.
From guitar players, that's worked for DRE back in the 50 Cent era to as far back as Drum programers for Grandmaster Flash. our knowledge of Hip Hop is Rich we feel it all starts with the Drums and we know drums. We have producers that programmed the First Major Drummachine used in Hip Hop which was the
The 1971 Roger Linn drum Machine that became the First Akai, the Akai MPC60.
We have put all the wisdom a knowledge to work and Create our Modem but Cutting Edge Hip-hop sound which is
Hard hitting drums with and hybrid feel Combination of yesterday, today and the next wave of music. we do Not FL(FruityLOOPS) STUDIO, no shortcuts.. we play REAL instruments For a human vibe, which we feel provides a real mood... while Some beats may contain audio samples
That has been uniquely creatively placed on a track, we flap that.
We then replay of play over the audio sample
Giving it a worldwide appeal. We find the perfect
Tone center making the beat easy to write and sing too.
Time Signatures from very the popular 4/4 1/4 to the standout Time Signature of the 6/8.
we have Created 6/8 time signature tracks for songs that feel more underground with a commercial appeal.
Average Artist have good beats, Great Artist have BOSS beats

Trap Beats

Traps beats are Todays Club Banger.
Doesn't matter what Race or club a Great
Trap Beat is required to get the party Hype
from video game to actual NBA games trap beats are a Must.
Trap Beats Live and die by the 808
Kick drum.. we have producers
With the knowledge wisdom and Experiences of the First 808,
DJ magic, Mikes Feel the Bass that Murdered the Streets in 1988.
Some of our season and Experienced producers
Came up on the Roland TR-808
Boss Smit formerly of Bossman & da Bandit was the unsung Producer the creator of the 187 basslines that introduce Snoop Dogg in 1992.
Bossman now known as Boss Smit a year later produced the Bossman & the Bandit 16 keys Album. with Hard Kicks
And 808 combinations that the foundation of today's
Trap Beats. Trap music is a Direct line to the streets
It's an underground music that went Mainstream sort of like the underground world it's more made up of the players you
Don't see, You may haven't Seen our producers with mainstream Rappers
But best Believe you have heard our work.
When a producer struggles but needs a Hit beat Beat by Boss is Locked in ..
We are the trap beat legends.
Boss of the 1993 Rap group duo
serves as the HOUSE director of beats.
Boss being one of the pioneers of the
Gangster Rap Movement of the 90s
Is part of the G rap that became Todays Trap Rap music
Evolvement. 808 drums combine with hard kicks
Hard guitar riffs combine along with Dynamic
Piano chords stings cleverly crafted raise
The track to intensify mood making the beat

Pop Beats

We have at least 3 different styles of guitar players at our Dispose.
This gives the producers a lot of flexibility when creating the perfect Pop track.
Our Definition of a pop track is sample its must appeal to the Mass
Two fo our Guitar players have played in writing session with artists like Blues Travel gaining a
Hybrid feel of pop /country combination the study of acts like
Natalie Imbruglia a dark bluey pop Feel researching why the one Hit
Perfecting that Great and improving the failure finding that line that connects to the listener Spirit
Taking a Direct shot at the heat .. one of out guitar players played on the demo
Of Joan Osborne's What If God was one of us .. We have Applied a more Dominate and Aggressive Element to our uptempo Pop Beats giving the track a need danceable feel. We create a Pop sound that Pops out the speaker, headphone etc… with a Hard kick drum driving the track wheather Ballot at 75BPM or 150 BPM we make it POP, we combine Live drums in any case giving the track a Grammy feel. locking up the bottom end with Live Bass when then season the overall track with soul producing that MASS appeal that's a Must to become a Beat By Boss
BIG Bold chords from guitars, pianos
Synthesizer, stings etc.. Great tone center making
A Writers job a Dream a Modern day Presentation
With 80/90 Feel. Hard kick drums Stupid baseline
Combine with Hip Hop 808s
Wind and Brass makes a pop/Hip-Hop Vibe that
Brings back the 80s

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