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Perfecting sound since the 90's

We have been mixing songs since the 2-inch tape machine. We started When a recording studios were full of hardware from the 90s until early 2000s so we understand the plugin version and how to make it sonically mainstream, radio sounding is the bar. We have a slogan and rule we go by ‘it's not whats wrong but how do we fix it . with the advancement of recording most of the inspiring artist record at their home studio. All rooms are different producing each and ever recording we mix different . we pay attention to any and all the background noises that got trapped in the recording. we have thousands of plugins to choose from to give each client that personal detailed attention they deserve … All vocals no matter how good have a problem frequency our Team seeks out and find that problem area turning the problem to plus . with All our engineers also being beat makers and producers getting music to jump out the speakers is always a priority and goal. when the music is clean and Dynamic it sets up the vocals. We create pocks for the vocals Standup in the track putting the vocals in the listeners face producing a Pleasant reception for the ear...

We where mixing big recordings in the 90s . while some of our guys took engineer courses some of the Vets learned on the job. Knowing hardware that's now plugins is a major advantage saving us time and the client money. Because we understand how important the artist feel and vibe is to them and we never let it get overlooked or lost in the mix.. Muliti track mixing we only charge $125 persong or song or a project up to 14 songs for $10,50 . mixtape mixing ( music as a 2 track mp3,wave , Vocals Only is only $55 per song or $500 per project up to 11 songs.

We understand the business of making Great music ...regardless of the Genre

WITH in House musicians, we do a lot of Trial and error work.understanding how to get the Purest sound from each instrument. we bring years of understanding filtering , compression, Reverbs, Delays understanding lyrical spacing lest us know when and where delays should or should not be.

We understand the importance of capturing the intent of your Vision . In the early stages We had outside mixers that we strictly by the book guys while returning our projects polished the Original feel was Gone therefore the songs was gone as well ... We have One Engineer that worked for Puffy Combs BAD BOY studio 6 years, as multiple Platinum Records including the Big Smalls Album " Ready to Die "Head Producer and Mixer Boss Smit was known as Bossman at the time (1992) was signed to SOLAR RECORDS in Los Angeles California . in 1993 the same year Bossman & da Bandit Album 16 keys met a producer name sean slade who had worked with a Rock band named Radiohead , Sean played Smit a song titled "CREEP" By the Band Radiohead . Boss has also informed the song had been recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios was a residential recording studio in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England ay that Moment Boss Smit Started studying Studio Scripture, Soundproof, and Acoustic treating by 1996 Boss Record was built in Boss Smit Home Basement .. Pro Tools is the Industry Standard for mixing and mastering in 1996 Boss Smit installed Pro Tools 21 years later We are considered Pro Tools Experts. Your project will be Mix and mastered on Pro Tools combine with the Best Interface in the business the Apollo UAD2.. WE ARE NOT a couple of fly by night EXPERIMENTING AT THE CLIENTS EXPENSE, were KNOW WE can and Will get the Job done!

Best in the Business

Not Many Engineers can claim to started setting, Learning and playing on Rock. Pop, Hip-hop, G rap sessions dating back as early as 1989 and still be young enough to be Engaged in the HEart of Todays Music we don't Only claim it is a Fact ... We combine Technology with wisdom and Feel. To have its sound good but not feel great is a loss to all involved. when it comes to Trap music or today's Hybrid music that crosses pop, Hip-hop and Club the music happens in the Low frequency . from 30-300 kHz we go to work.

We have studied and Mastered the Art of CLEAN Bottom In. Its no good to have Great vocals that the listener struggles to hear. we never Sacrifice that KNOCK. we know that two things make a song. the Beat and the Lyrics we maker sure Both are front and center in a Basketball terminology Imagine LeBron James and Michael Jordan on the same team, that's how we vision the Low Frequency and vocals while thy Both play different roles with equal importance combine the tow and its a WINNER.

5Khz. we focus on a lot and has become master of pushing the track a little more to the front and give the singer a much-needed presence. By Home Recording being so popular we get a lot of vocal recording that has NASALNESS AT 1 kHz If your vocalist sounds like they have a bit of a cold then cut around the 1 kHz area to get rid of it. Bottom line we understand what makes Good Recording Great and Great Recording better. we offer the latest Technology, Skill, and wisdom as the foundation of a Great Project we fast but never rushed turn around times

Mixing and Mastering Songs

Understanding what a Mix is determined How it finishes up. mixing to us is like cooking. When you furnish us your ingredients we so the preparation to cooking a great meal. as a great chef, we don't tell you what to eat or how to eat our job is to make it taste Great to you .. the first thing we do is preserve the client's intent. we want you recording to Feel and express what the writer/art, producer felt no run it through the basic presets . we start with the music, a muddy mix means a bad record. Creating professional mixes from home studio without making everything sound like a muddy mess is a common problem. hear every instrument clearly is our policy . after we have got the music Hitting hard and clean we send it back to the client for their approval, once we feel great about the mix and the client feels great we move to the vocal Process. how important is EQ? Very but first we roll off unwanted Low Frequencies that only provided mic noise. this assures us we are getting pure vocals . in 09 Boss Smit worked on Mamadou Diabate an Kora player who only wanted EQ and filtering so that the instrument purity was not lost in reverb delay or compression. Ths was such a positive eye-opener Bossmit adapted the technic as the first stages of mixing vocals ... Our vocal Preparation is so clean some clients think its the finished vocal. we blend a clean Music Mix with a Clan vocal mix and return our clients a Supa HOT final mix ready for Radio!

How much does your mixing and mastering cost?

Mixing cost. multitrack Recordings up to 20 track recording can get expensive so we designed a few packages that help the artist no matter the level. pack(A). we offer 1-4 songs up to 20 tracks per song or $99 per song.additional fees applied for Autotune or Melodyne

Pack(B)5-12 songs up to 20 tracks per song $95 per song additional fees applied for Autotune or Melodyne

Pack(C)PLUS ALBUM IS an Album with those 5/6 songs that didn't make the 12 song album ) 12-21 songs up to 20 tracks $89 per songs. Pack (D)unlimited songs a year. as you do them we mix them giving an advance opinion to If this song makes your Album, as an annual fee of $5000 gets you your personal engineer. in the era of a short attention span and so much music, the volume is Key, the more product that you have online sites, Sound cloud, my mixtape, etc.. and social media the better your chances are of being coming to an internet sensation.. our Pack D gives you the option to post serval songs a week.

Mixtape Pack(A). the mixtape is the most popular ways for Rappers to create almost overnight Buzz. its an mp3 of the music and up to 7 vocal tracks. we EQ the TWO track (MP3/Wave) and mix the vocals carefully blending the vocals in to give your Mixtape a World class sound. we advise our client to get the Best Two track mix possible for the best finish possible.

EP: 1-4 songs up to 7vocal tracks $180 additional fees applied for Autotune or Melodyne

Full Mixtape 1-12 songs up to 7 vocal tracks $420 additional fees applied for Autotune or Melodyne

ALL Packs Require a 50% deposit, we then email it back to you for your approval WITH our TAG. after approval and balance paid we remove the TAG and send you Finished Project back via Dropbox, or oversize carrier...

Mixing and mastering music are two separate but equally important parts of the audio production process that can often become blurred and hard to differentiate between. Basically, mixing is the step before mastering that involves adjusting and combining individual tracks together to form a stereo audio file after mixdown. The stereo file is then mastered, which ensures that the various songs are clearly polished and form a cohesive whole on an album. This defines mixing and mastering in their simplest forms. Let’s take a deeper look at the numerous other differences between mixing a mastering.

After all of the individual tracks of a song have been recorded, a mixing engineer steps into work their magic. They begin by labeling and organizing the tracks into their similar groups. The song is often Normalized to ensure that the tracks are all at similar volume levels and no tracks peak. The engineer will then EQ each individual track to get the best tones out of the instruments and use high and low pass filters to eliminate any unneeded frequencies. The general goal of EQing is to make adjustments that allow all of the tracks to inhabit their own frequency areas. This allows the song to be clear and each instrument distinguishable. The same idea is also applied to panning the tracks to get a full, wide sound. Compression, reverb, delay, and other processors can be added to each track to get the desired tones for the instruments as well. Manipulating fades and effects throughout the songs with automation can help the engineer control the emotion of the song sonically. A lot of engineers will switch between headphones and the studio reference monitors to get a consistent sound for their mix on various sources. After hours of tweaking knobs and faders, and the song sounds as best as it possibly can: It’s time for the mastering engineer to step in.

Mastering Steps
The mastering engineer receives the stereo track along with some notes and reference songs from the engineer and/or the artists. This will help give the engineer an understanding of the sound that they are going for and so that the mix isn’t altered in areas that are intended to sound a particular way. Then, the finishing touches are added to the song by making slight adjustments primarily to the EQ, compression, limiting, and stereo enhancement. All of the songs mastered on an album are brought to similar levels so the album flows and is cohesive throughout. Spacing and fades are added to the beginning and endings of the songs. Usually, the Red Book standard of 2 seconds is added in between songs unless otherwise specified. Audio mastering engineers often offer sequencing services for albums to put the songs in the desired order, label track names, as well as encode the tracks with ISRC. The mastering engineer’s primary goal is to provide a high fidelity, high clarity, professional sound that can be enjoyed by listeners on any source.

You could have a great mix without a great master, or vice versa, and still be unable to achieve a professional sound that can compete in today’s music world. The line between mixing and mastering should never be blurred. Attempting to combine these two steps into one will only hinder your music and prevent it from reaching its full potential

We understand the Process and we are the Best choice for season Vets or inspiring startup artist..

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